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How hard is your phone system working for you?

Easy Integration and Customization. VoIPdesk unique script based approach offers customers a simple and powerful way to add new call processing features to the core PBX - while maintaining the ease of use and configuration through the Communications Manager - VoIPdesk PBX web based GUI..

REST API for provisioning and management of VoIPdesk PBX components and extending base functionality by creating custom applications. To use VoIPdesk REST API developers can use any programming language capable of submitting secure HTTP requests...

CRM Telephony Integration. VoIPdesk provides telephony integration with Salesforce, Zoho and Sugar CRM out-of-the-box. Other CRMs can be easily added.

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Onsite Technician $150.00 hr Inquire Today
Remote Technician $75.00 hr Inquire Today
Custom Development $175.00 hr Inquire Today